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Some of our current projects

State Highway 130

The State Highway 130 (SH130) project will encompass a 49-mile long toll-way extending between Williamson and Travis Counties from Interstate Highway 35 (I35) north of Georgetown and south towards U.S. 183 (US183) southeast of Austin. We are diligently involved in providing civil engineering services to complete our contractual obligations to DMJM+HARRIS, Inc. SH130 will be a four-lane roadway with toll facilities and major interchanges at I35, US79, SH45 North, US290 and SH71. At ACE we have the capability to design a wide variety of highway project, including interstates, urban freeways, arterial and local inventory roads, toll-ways, interchanges, high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and rural roadways.

Southwest Hills Section 4, US290
ACE has recently completed this single family subdivision project in a responsible fashion for the overall project management and design. The project abuts Derecho Road at US 290 consisting of 27 single family once acre lots. The roadway layout is of a horse shoe configuration with unique City of Austin re-irrigation techniques to clean filtered runoff. The site is beautifully surrounded by a vast array of undeveloped land and single family subdivisions.

Central Fire Station FM1825
The Central Fire Station in downtown Pflugerville is sitting a on prime location with historical significance with incorporating some of the oldest trees in Pflugerville. ACE has recently prepared the proposed PS&E plans for re-grade and re-pave of the Central Fire Station parking lot. Behind the Fire station with parking striping plan and routing of runoff to the existing detention pond. In the past the modification to the Fire Station included addition of bays and realignment of the driveways along Railroad and Wren Street.


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